Jan De Dobbeleer
Everyone is eager to provide solutions without even looking at the problem. Instead of looking for answers, start by understanding the problem and you'll see that the solution, well, it depends.

Way of working

People over tools

Instead of claiming to do so, actually listen to what people use and need on a daily basis to improve a fit long after I'm gone.

Continuous Delivery

Focus on achieving a constant flow towards production, take away the fear of deploying by building a stable, change predictable base.

Tailored Agile

Create workflows and processes tailored to your environment over implementing textbook solutions.


Guide people through challenges instead of handing over projects.

What do I offer?

Public speaking

Interested in my expertise but maybe you're not yet 100% convinced if you need it? A 2 hour session might be all you need to get started yourself!


Need more in-depth knowledge about certain topics, tailored for your team? On- or off-site training can provide the necessary boost.


On-site problem identification and kick-starting solutions together with the people involved within the project.


  • Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps
  • Design Thinking
  • Agile
  • Source Control
  • SDLC